What does 1250 Garden Towers Per Quarter take? 

We returned from our trip to Kenya with Brian, and spent the rest of the year working with 500 more families to build garden towers in Bomet, Nkareta, and the Maasai Mara. 

During those months, we had 4 additional teams go to Kenya, and each one focused on building garden towers and delivering water tanks for rainwater capture.

We also spent countless hours at The USANA Foundation, working on sewing garden towers to go to other countries, and revamping the pattern to something that was a bit easier to manage. Believe it or not, that process took a year!

Tilling the Ground for Garden Towers in Oyugis

Building the Seedling Gardens

Then, in early 2022, Brian reached out and said, “Could your team do 1,250 garden towers each quarter?” 

I said, “Yes, absolutely!” Then, I panicked when I realized that we couldn’t actually do that with our existing team. The previous year, we had done a few pilot projects in Kenya, building 10 garden towers in each location to see how they would work. 

We reached out to those three communities and said, “So, we’ve been asked to do this. Are you in?” They said, “Yes, absolutely!” 

Garden Tower in Nkareta

Creating the Garden Tower System

The amount of work that it took to make this happen was astronomical. First, seeding beds needed to be cleared, fenced, and started, so that they could be transplanted into the garden towers. 

Then, the families needed to be identified, and asked if they wanted to participate in the program. At 5000 garden towers over the year, that meant 2500 families spread out over our 6 communities. 

Along with that, fabric needed to be ordered in bulk, and shipped to the different locations. Sewing teams needed to be established and trained, and the building teams needed to be trained. The task seemed impossible.

And then, the first quarter ended, and the count began. In spite of all of the obstacles, we had reached our goal. The systems were in place, and the rest of the year went by in a flash as we counted the numbers each month. 

We finished the year in December with a little over 5000 garden towers, completed in just 11 months. In 2019-2020, it took us a year to do 400. We were all blown away, but what we started to discover, was that the garden towers were a pathway to greater community development. 

Not only that, we tracked the names and challenges of every single family we built garden towers with, so that we would be able to track their path out of poverty

Next week: What if we built out 100 villages with garden towers, boreholes, and HopeKits? 

The Training Garden in Lugari

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