Moses Masoi continued the 100 Humanitarians assessment tour in Nkareta today, where we are working with ten families, teaching self-reliance through goats and garden towers.

We are getting ready to build a training center in this community, but this one will be unique! We will be making an “Earthbag” building and using recycled bags and dirt for the walls. Similar to an earthship, but with bags instead of tires.

Our goal is for Scott and Becky Mackintosh and their team to help begin construction in a few weeks, and then work with the community to finish it. As Losikany Jacob put it, “This will be a game-changer for this community.”

If you would like to contribute and be a part of building the Nekishon Training Center (after Karen Heap, who discovered the earthbag architecture, and whose Maasai name means long, rich life) you can donate at