2019 Expeditions

Scott and Becky Mackintosh began 2019 by leading their Share the Love Expedition and starting the building of the training center in Nkareta. We finished the year with a celebration of the completion of the training center, and broke ground on Kokoo’s Guest House at the Emparnat Cultural Centre.

Team Share the Love – Scott and Becky Mackintosh

For the first time, a 100 Humanitarians expedition was led by Scott and Becky Mackintosh! They recruited a team of 15, and had some big assignments, including building an earthbag training center foundation in Nkareta, building a water storage system, planting trees, hosting a Days for Girls workshop at the rescue center and the school in Nkareta, and building more garden towers.

They worked hard in the heat, and are already planning next year’s Share the Love expedition. 

Team Miracle

On this expedition we were able to install a 10,000 liter water storage tank at Kotolian School on World Water Day, certify 30 women to become HopeSaC users, built garden towers at our training center in Bomet, and held two Days for Girls workshops with reusable femining hygiene kits. 

March is usually a scouting team, looking at what projects we can accomplish for the rest of the year, and this trip was no exception. We brought John and Annette from the Change Your Stars Foundation with us, to see what opportunities there would be for clean water in our communities. 

Team Jacob & David

This was another big team with 8 girls ages 8 to 18, 3 Davids, and 3 Jacobs. We planted a ton of trees, held four Days for Girls workshops, piped clean water to the training center, helped paint the training center in Nkareta and the new guard house at the Emparnat Cultural Centre. 

Some of us had the opportunity to pet cheetahs. We also built a goat pen to house our goat breeding project in Nkareta. Our goal was to get things set up to breed chickens, cows, goats, and gardens. At the end of the trip, we were up to 20 garden towers in Nkareta. 

Team Pteradactyl

We were really busy in November 2019, wrapping up the year by hosting a celebration at the training center in Nkareta. Our team started off by visiting Mully’s Children’s Home to learn more about their sustainable gardening methods. Then, we headed to Bomet, where we were able to help our garden team with The USANA Foundation Garden Tower Systems project. We built 20 additional gardens towers in Nkareta, bringing our total to 40 in the community garden. We also drove the cows and goats to the training center to their new home. We broke ground on Kokoo’s Guest House at the Emparnat Cultural Centre and delivered Rescue Kits to the girls at the Rescue Centre. It was a great way to end a very busy year!