Youth Education: Imani Orphan Care Foundation

Youth Education: Imani Orphan Care Foundation

Imani Orphan Care Foundation

We visited the Imani Orphan Care Foundation home to donate soccer balls and clothing to the home, and had a wonderful day touring the facility and playing with the kids. They had dormitories, kitchens, learning areas, and a small garden at the time. Kim Lee is the Founder Director, and has an amazing team in Kenya helping the children thrive. 

Orphanages in Kenya

In Kenya, the situation of Orphans and Vulnerable Children is a big challenge. Currently it is estimated that there are over three million Orphans in the country, with 47% orphaned as a result of HIV and AIDS and many more remain vulnerable due to several other factors.

Our team brought suitcases full of soccer balls and uniforms to donate to schools and communities for a few reasons. 1. Soccer is a huge sport in Kenya, loved by all kids. 2. The quality of the soccer balls in Kenya is very poor, and they fall apart easily. It was fun to not only donate, but also play soccer with the kids. 

You can see the difference between the new soccer ball that the middle child is holding, and the old soccer ball that the child on the right was holding. Big difference! 

We have donated 50+ soccer balls in Kenya. Playing soccer can also keep the boys focused when they are out of school so they stay out of trouble. 

100 Humanitarians International is looking for donations to help fund soccer clubs for youth in Kenya, to help them learn teamwork and stay focused on their goals. 

100 Humanitarians International hopes to fundraise $1000 each year to go to soccer balls and jerseys for boys in Kenya. If you would like to help contribute, or sponsor a club, donate below. We will also contribute soccer balls to Imani Orphan Care Foundation, to thank them for allowing us to visit and see their facilities. 100% of your donation goes to the equipment! 

Youth Education: Tenkes School

Youth Education: Tenkes School

Education is Everything in Kenya

Education is everything in Kenya, especially in rural communities like The Mau Forest. We visited Tenkes School in May 2016, where we worked with the students and teachers to build 20 desks, plant 75 trees, built a new kitchen to feed the students, and donated soccer balls to the kids. It was a beautiful day in the highlands of The Mau. 

5 Students Per Desk

With 300 students, a lot of desks are needed, and the kids at Tenkes School were sitting 5 students per desk. At our fundraiser, A Taste of Kenya, we were able to fundraise to build 20 new desks for the students, allowing them to spread out and learn better. The trees had to be cut down and the wood had to be planed in order to get the right sizes. It was quite the endeavor! Special thanks to Tenkes School for hosting us for the day and being so generous. 

The Mau Forest is losing trees, so to replace the trees we used for the desks and the kitchen, our team planted 75 new trees with the students. Trees bring water to The Mau Forest, and this area of Kenya has experienced drought over the decades. 

As I said, education is everything Kenya, and your contribution of $5 keeps 5 of our students in school for a day! We are currently sponsoring 27 students in Kenya from 8 different communities. 

100% of your donation goes to the school fees.

Women’s Initiatives: Our First Workshop

Women’s Initiatives: Our First Workshop

Our First Days for Girls Workshop in Kenya

The first Days for Girls Workshop we did in Kenya brought tears to all of our eyes, as we were greeted by the girls singing for us. There were around 75 girls that day who received reusable feminine hygiene kits. Christine trained our team in advance, and then we had opportunities to each step up and teach part of the information to the girls. After the workshop, we were able to meet and talk with the girls and take pictures, as we distributed the kits.

Reusable Feminine Hygiene

In Kenya, when a girl gets her period and doesn’t have access to feminine hygiene products, she has to miss school. Over time, that means missing up to a week each month due to menstruation. 100 Humanitarians International works with two enterprises in Kenya that we helped establish, to provide kits to girls who are in rural Kenya as part of our Women’s Initiatives

On our first expedition, we visited Eselenkei Girls School. The school was established to support the rescue centre, where girls have run from Female Genital Mutilation and early marriage. The kits keep a girl in school for up to 3 years, and provides hygiene and dignity for girls in Kenya. Other options include using leaves, old fabric, and even having sex in exchange for pads. 

Our team started by assembling the kits, which include two shields, 8 liners, soap, and underwear. We went through initial training to understand the challenges that the girls face from a teacher at the school, and also learned how to help the girls understand how to use the kits. 

You can make a hug difference in a girl’s life by donating a kit for just $10. Your donation will keep a girl in Kenya in school for three years, and help prevent underage pregnancy and early marriage in their communities. When you donate a kit, it also helps the women and men who work in our sewing enterprises, allowing them to feed and educate their families as well. 

100% of your donation goes to the kit.