Visit a Maasai Village in Kenya

To visit a Maasai Village in Kenya is one of the most incredible experiences you can have, and not many will have that opportunity in their lives. 100 Humanitarians International provides opportunities for tourism, culture, and humanitarian service with Maasai families in Kenya. 

One of our favorite cultural experiences is visiting a working Maasai Village. We learn how the houses are made, how to make fire, and shop in the market for souvenirs and memories. 

Maasai Jumping Contest

Maasai Warriors are known throughout the world for their jumping ability. From the time they are young, they develop the muscles needed to jump very high, straight up in the air. The jumping competition determines how many girlfriends a young warrior can have, traditionally. 

When you arrive a the Maasai Village, you will be greeted by the “Wall of Warriors” singing and dancing and welcoming you to their village. 

As you watch the Maasai warriors dance and sing, it’s like being transported back in time. The Maasai are one of the most indigenous tribes in the world, and the oldest tribe in Kenya. They once were nomadic, only settling in the Maasai Mara over the past 100 years. They maintain their traditional dress and much of their culture is still intact from hundreds of years ago. 

As technology comes into the world, the culture is beginning to change. Many Maasai Warriors are now seeking employment outside of the Maasai Mara. They become safari guides and work for the county governments. As children are educated, they are leaving their culture to attend University. It won’t be long before the Maasai way of life will change entirely.

Listen to our Executive Director, Moses Masoi, talk about the Maasai culture on a podcast with Scott and Becky Mackintosh. Watch Moses talk about what we have accomplished in Kenya since 2016.

Every expedition includes immersion into the Maasai culture, as we honor the traditions of the people who live on the land and practice conservation. We hope that you will join us in Kenya and experience it yourself! 

Lemarti brought Resh, Saning'o, and Jeff Ole Kishau with him, and after performing, they decided to stay with our team and spend a few days on safari with us. It was incredible. Lemarti brought his guitar on our game drive, and we all sang "Jambo Bwana" over a picnic lunch looking out over the greater Maasai Mara.

On every expedition, we try to bring in something unique, that is beyond what our team expects. We've had Lemarti join us on another expedition as well, and his music has become the background for a lot of 100 Humanitarians International videos. Someday, we will get him to the United States to perform at Humanijam, and you'll get to meet the "Bob Marley of Kenya."