Mentoring Families in Kenya: Facity’s Story

Mentoring families in Kenya is something that is an area that we saw a huge need four years ago when we met Facity in Bomet. Facity is a widow with 5 children, and when we met her, her husband had passed away, leaving her with zero income. Her in-laws and the local community had helped feed her family and pay for school fees, but that help was running out as so many families are struggling in rural Kenya.

Thanks to our friend, Erin Preston, we were able to have a cow donated to Facity, that our team delivered to her family in May 2016. Facity has farming skills, but her farm was not producing much to support her family. When we met her, we assessed the resources that she had, and decided to start with a cow, so that she would be able to sell the milk. We added a goat, 5 chickens, and raised garden beds (later replaced by Garden Tower Systems) to track the results. 

Mentoring families is the core of what we do in Kenya, and all of our efforts go to help the individual members of the families we work with to succeed in life and change a future generation. 

“I ended up as the family’s breadwinner when my husband died many years ago due to a short illness.
I knew I needed to work hard if I didn’t want my children to go hungry,” said Facity.

The Impact on Facity’s Family

Four years later, Facity is in a very different financial situation. Typically a woman in Kenya who is widowed or single with no education has no option but to work for $1 per day working in someone’s field away from her children. Our goal working with Facity, was to provide that income through our Business Box for Families program, with an opportunity to be able to expand her income as much as she wants through stewardship. 

We started with a cow for Facity, but now we start with Garden Tower Systems to teach stewardship, because the cost is lower and produces food for a family as well as possibility for income. Where she began with $0 income, she now is able to sell milk for $1 per day, eggs for $5 per week, and selling vegetables can vary, but can range from $2 – $5 each week. 

Facity currently has 4 cows, 4 goats, 15 chickens, and 2 garden towers to work with. She is able to feed her family and pay for her children’s school fees. She has the ability to expand her small farm each year, and grow her income. 

The benefits that Facity has experienced are not only financial, but emotional and mental, too. She has been mentored by Anita Byegon, our Community Director in Bomet. Anita shared that Facity has gained confidence over the years in her ability to take care of what we have given her. She believes in herself. She knows that in spite of being a widow, she can overcome challenges and provide for her family. 

Facity’s children are also learning the skills of gardening and raising animals, which can change their future, because Facity can pay it forward as they get old and start their own families.

Their lives are also changing as they are being educated, because Facity can pay school fees for them. The Business Box for Families concept can change the economy for a family in 18 months, with long term impact for changing the next generation.

100 Humanitarians International has been working with families for the past four years. We are currently building Garden Tower Systems, and providing chickens to 200 families in Bomet, where Facity lives. We use Facity as the example of what is possible for these families, knowing that as we help with entrepreneurship, we will impact the communities they live in as well. 

When you donate to our Mentoring Families program, 100% goes to provide the resources for a family in Kenya to change their lives!