Heather Rangel is a Great Mom!

Heather Rangel takes care of everyone. On my very first trip to Kenya in March 2015, I got to know Heather and watch her absolute JOY from being in Kenya. I remember thinking, “She is going to squeeze every drop of happiness from this experience.” She danced, sang, and hugged everyone who came across her path. 

On our last night on the Maasai Mara, we stayed way up in the hills at a cultural village, and slept in a mud hut built for tourists. We had killed a goat for dinner, and I was out of snacks. I was taking antibiotics for malaria prevention, and taking antibiotics on a relatively empty stomach except for a small amount of goat was probably the worst idea of my life. 

It was around 2am and I was miserable, but Heather got up with me, gave me her last protein bar, walked me to the washroom in the pitch black with Maasai warriors guarding us from lions, and made sure that I stayed alive. 

That may seem dramatic, but that’s how it felt at the time. 

The Role of a Team Lead

Team Leads are critical on expeditions, and Heather was amazing on our second expedition. She made sure all of the snacks (and we had 7 kids on that trip, so there were a LOT of snacks) were organized. All of the ziploc bags were set up according to size, and she was in charge of keeping track of the donations and where they were going. She was amazing. She’s the type of person who takes care of everyone around her and forgets herself. 

Being in Kenya with Heather is just awesome, and you can see that she loves it, too!

We have a lot of fun on expeditions in Kenya, largely because of the incredible people who come with us on our trips. Strangers upon arrival leave Kenya as family, and bonds are created that will last a lifetime. 

We need Kenya more than Kenya needs us. The experiences we have change us on the inside, and we are able to see humanity in a different light. It’s powerful. It’s transformational. It’s permanent. 

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