Women’s Initiatives: Days for Girls in Bomet

Days for Girls is an organization that was started by Celeste Mergens to solve a problem. Girls around the world have nothing to take care of menstruation, and when she saw that, she set out to create a resuable feminine hygiene pad. 

When we went to Bomet to teach hygiene, we realized that organizing a Days for Girls Enterprise there would be beneficial to the community and especially the women in that area. After a donation to start the Enterprise, Anita and Christine got everything set up and organized. 

Our first workshop in Bomet, we were able to provide toothbrushes and toothpaste to the women there, after a donation from Brandy Vega and Good Deed Revolution. Brandy had received a donation of dental supplies, and decided to take it, not knowing where it needed to go. We ended up connecting and taking it off of her hands for her. Good Deed Revolution wrote a story about it. 

Choosing the Five Families

Moses and David headed to Bomet to scout out hotels and meet with Anita. She chose five families that could benefit from receiving a part of our Business Box for Families program. Those families included

Facity and her five children 
Mercy and Vincent 
Ivyn and Faith, who were being watched over by their uncle because their parents were diagnosed with HIV
Monica and her four boys, two of whom were blind
Julianna and her daughters, Mercy and Faith

Each family had unique challenges that we could address, but first we wanted to meet with them and get to know them. Connection with people is a priority for 100 Humanitarians International. 

The number of women grew throughout the afternoon, as word spread that we were teaching. By the end, there were over 100 women there, and they were ALL interested in learning how to sew, and receiving Days for Girls kits. 

After the workshop, we had a big old dance party, and celebrated with the community. Things were about to change for them, and they didn’t even really realize the impact that having these kits would have on their lives. It was really beautiful, and lots of tears were shed.