Celebrate100: Week Two

Celebrate100 Review

We started off week two with Facity’s story. Facity is the mom for the first family we worked with in Kenya.

Then, you get your first introduction to Anita, our Community Director in Bomet. She has been our boots on the ground there for the past 4 1/2 years, and is an incredible leader!

Ivyn is the first girl we sponsored with school fees in Kenya. Her story is heart-breaking, but with a happy ending.

Team Leaders are hugely important on our expeditions, and Heather Rangel was the best!

Our first Days for Girls workshop in Bomet happened, prior to helping Anita establish a Days for Girls Enterprise in Bomet later in the year.

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We are just getting started with much more to come as we celebrate the final 100 days of the year!