Stephen Leken: Maasai Gospel Singer

Stephen Leken is one of the most well known Maasai Gospel singers in Kenya, and in the fall of 2016, he came to the Maasai Mara to perform at our concert for the Emparnat Cultural Centre. One of my favorite songs is Kaanyor, which means I love you in Maasai. 

Stephen and his wife, Faith, often perform together, as she dances in most of his YouTube videos. 

A few days after the concert, we held a housewarming part for David Kupai, who had built a house in his village called Ilturisho. 

The Housewarming Party

Just like the concert, hundreds of people came to celebrate David’s house, and hear Stephen perform. There was music, food, dancing, and a lot of love. We are grateful that Stephen and Faith stayed for a few days to be there. 

At one point, I punched David in the arm and said, “Can you believe that Stephen Leken and Lemarti are performing at your housewarming party?!” 

Traditionally, Maasai live in mud huts, called Manyattas. This was David’s first house that he had built, so it was cause for a huge celebration in the community.