2020 Expeditions

Scott and Becky Mackintosh began 2020 by leading their Share the Love Expedition and building washrooms in Nkareta and at the Emparnat Cultural Centre. Due to the pandemic, we suspended expeditions after the March trip.

Team Share the Love – Scott and Becky Mackintosh

The second annual Share the Love expedition included building washrooms in Nkareta and the Mara at the Emparnat Cultural Centre. This was the last team to be able to go before the pandemic started, and we are so grateful that they were able to go over and get home safely.

The Share the Love expedition takes place in February each year, and focuses on building projects. Their next goal for 2022 is to help lay the foundation for a classroom at the Cultural Centre.

Team Covid

We left for the March 2020 expedition on March 10th, arriving in Nairobi on March 11th. Two days later, we went into a quarantine for 14 days before we were finally able to leave about an hour before Kenya went into total lockdown. We are grateful for the prayers and support to help us during this time.

Prior to going into quarantine, we were able to visit the building site for Kokoo’s Guest House, and spend some time in Nkareta at the training center with the women. While we weren’t able to achieve our goals, we are grateful for the time we were able to spend with our team.

Shopping for Furniture

Our Executive Director, Heidi Totten, was able to get to Kenya in October 2020 to shop in Nairobi for furniture for Kokoo’s Guest House. She was able to visit Bomet, Nkareta, and the Maasai Mara, checking on projects and catching up with the teams in Kenya.

She was also able to connect with friends living in Nairobi. All of the shopping was done for the guest house, and delivered and set up, ready for teams in 2021.