Can I Build a Cottage Here?

Have you ever wanted to build a cottage in Kenya? We had landed in Seattle en route to Amsterdam, and had a few hours to walk around and gear up for the long flight. At some point I asked Brian, “How many times do you think you’ll go to Kenya with us?” He laughed and said, “Oh, probably one and done. I need to get all of the video I can on this trip.” 

I recall just smiling. He had never been to Kenya, although he had been to almost 30 other countries. 

After our visit to Nkareta and Bomet, we got on the road to the Mara, with the opportunity to stay at Kokoo’s Guest House for the first time. 

Garden Tower in Nkareta

Meeting the Maasai Warriors

We pulled into the gates of the Cultural Centre, and drove up to the house. As we got out of the jeeps, a large group of Maasai warriors came from around the corner, singing and dancing to welcome us for the first time. The experience was both beautiful and overwhelming, as there were so many emotions at the surface for what it took to get there. 

We were led into the house, engulfed in the incredible smell of lunch waiting for us. Somehow, Moses had managed to hire the best chef in all of Kenya to cook for us – Mancha Letura. 

Garden Tower in Nkareta

Can I Build a Cottage?

We wrapped up lunch to go on an afternoon safari, and as we walked out onto the front porch, Brian said, “Okay, what would it take to build a cottage here? I’ve got to retire somewhere!” We had a good laugh over that. It’s very common for people to come with us again and again to Kenya, because they build a strong connection with the people there. 

I shared with him my dream of being able to create Family Humanitarian Expeditions for people, so that they can come to Kokoo’s Guest House,  work with families in the community to help better their lives, and have a cultural immersion experience. Oh yeah, and go on safari in the #1 location in the world! 

He said, “It will happen.” And it has. We’ve had 5 families over the past year experience a Family Humanitarian Expedition. 

There were several days left in our trip, but this day was a day that we will always remember. Staying for the first time at Kokoo’s Guest House was a miracle we never truly thought possible. Since April 2021, we’ve had 13 groups stay at the guest house. 

They all rave about Mancha’s food.

Next week: Can you do 1,250 garden towers per quarter?

Garden Tower in Nkareta

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