Kenya, Africa – Expedition #1 – Day One

Kenya, Africa – Expedition #1 – Day One

Flying to Kenya, Africa with 100 Humanitarians
Maasai Warriors Greet Us at the Airport
Kissing a giraffe at The Giraffe Centre

KARIBU KENYA, AFRICA – 100 Humanitarians International

After two trips to Kenya, Africa, I was ready to lead my first official expedition to Kenya. Turns out so many people wanted to go, that I stayed in Kenya for two back to back trips with 13 people in each group. It was crazy. I was crazy.

But let’s start at the beginning and tell the story.

Brittany was the first person to sign up for a trip, and quickly recruited a bunch of her friends to come along. I booked my flight a day early so that I could go with my daughter, and Brittany came along. It was so fun for us to get off the plane and have the Maasai warriors all to ourselves for a little while. We checked into our hotel, got a not so awesome night of rest, and then headed out the next day to visit the Giraffe Centre before the team arrived.

We not only visited The Giraffe Centre, we stopped by the Kazuri Bead Factory to see the women in action making the beads. It was a beautiful day, and Christine joined us on our adventures. We decided to visit The Galleria Mall for lunch, and then after a nap, headed to the airport where we met the rest of the team. Everyone arrived safely and ready to go. We were grateful that all of our bags made it as well, because the next day we had plans to drive to Narok for our first projects.

Our team was made up of 13 travelers – one kid and 12 adults. Our objective for the trip was to do a couple of Days for Girls workshops, visit families, build desks at a school, donate soccer balls to an orphanage, and go on safari!

This was the first trip to Kenya, Africa for everyone on the team, except me. In fact, a few people had gotten their passport for the very first time to go on this trip. No pressure! We were all excited for what was to come, most of all me. I had a hard time sleeping…