We love creating opportunities to bring people together in community.

We do this through our local events! 


Whether we host performers at HumaniJam, eat incredible food at A Taste of Kenya, or test our sewing skills at our Sew-a-thons, there is a way to get everyone involved!  


HumaniJam is our annual Celebration of Humanity. We invite local performers to join us in an evening of food, dancing, music, and an auction of amazing experiences (including an expedition to Kenya!) We hosted our first HumaniJam in the Fall of 2017 with M. Bridget Cook-Burch as the Master of Ceremonies, and WOFA Afro Fusion, Jennifer Marco, and Cactus Jack performing. In 2018, our Master of Ceremonies were Scott and Becky Mackintosh, who lead our annual Share the Love Expedition to Kenya. Performances from Shaun Barrowes and Kenya Clark were enjoyed by all. HumaniJam always ends in a drum circle led by the amazing Katie Jo Finai.

A Taste of Kenya

A Taste of Kenya is a regional event, hosted by members of our expedition teams as fundraisers for the projects we are working on in Kenya. We’ve held them in South Jordan, Sandy, Salt Lake City, and Vernal, Utah. A Taste of Kenya is a foodie event! The recipes that we serve come from our favorite cooks in Kenya, and the food is made by our very own Board of Directors Chair, the fabulous Vilia Van Tonder. Auction items are provided by local vendors and small businesses. At A Taste of Kenya in Sandy, Utah at Club 90, we had a surprise guest appearance. Alex Boye and Al Fox Carraway came and the video Promised Land was filmed! 


We created sew-a-thons in the Spring of 2018 when we won a Pay it Forward award from Mountain America Credit Union. We sew underwear out of a t-shirt pattern created by Marissa Waldrop, our Women’s Director in the U.S. We also turn used t-shirts into bags, sew HopeSaC thermal cookers, make t-shirt dresses for the rescue center we help support, and sew rescue center bags for hygiene kits. The sew-a-thons take place once a month in various locations, and we encourage individuals to host sew-a-thons to help us provide these donations for our expeditions.

Savers FUNDrives for School Fees

Three times a year, we gather bags of clothing from friends and neighbors and donate them to Savers, who will then pay us for those donations. We then use the funds to help provide school fees for the 25 students we support in Kenya. These Savers drives are held in Davis, Salt Lake, and Utah Counties, and we encourage our team members to be drop-off locations for the drive. Each 13 lb bag of used clothes can raise around $3 for 100 Humanitarians International, so we aim for 400 bags with each FUNDrive.