There are several ways to get involved! And you don’t have to sew.

Get Involved

There are 4 ways that we really need your help


Join us at a sew-a-thon and make new friends

We host sew-a-thons for volunteers to come and help us make a variety of items needed for our families. 

1. Underwear for girls who otherwise don’t have access. 

2. HopeSaCs are fabric thermal cookers that help women reduce the amount of time they spend cooking over smoky fires.

3. Garden Towers to send all over the world with The USANA Foundation.

The great thing is, you don’t have to know how to sew, because we need people who can cut fabric and assemble kits, too! 


Host your own fundraiser 

Choose a problem that you are passionate about solving. Perhaps you want to help more families grow gardens, or you want to support women who are walking for water. 

Maybe education and skills development is your jam, and you want people to have better access to learning. 

Or, you believe that every girl should have access to feminine hygiene, and want to help raise awareness of the challenge they are facing. 

No matter what you choose, we are here to help you raise the most money possible. Our Fundraiser training portal will help you get started! 


100% of your donation goes to the projects

When we started 100 Humanitarians International in 2015, we wanted to make sure that 100% of donations FOR projects go TO projects. That required us to get creative.

Our administrative fees come from small amounts from expeditions, sponsors, and events. We keep our costs low, because our team all have their own businesses. 

What we are capable of doing increases as our donations increase. When you become a monthly donor, we can plan for the future. Whether you donate $5 or $5000, we magnify that donation to have the biggest impact possible! 

Join an Expedition

Come with us to Kenya and see your impact

Several times a year, we host expeditions to visit our communities in Kenya. (Other locations coming soon!)

You will experience cultural immersion, the opportunity to serve and connect with the families we support, and an incredible safari in the #1 safari destination in the world.

We have taken teams on over 25 expeditions since 2016! Travel changes your perspective, and allows you to see the world in a whole new way.

Sign up for the expedition webinar and learn what you will get to experience with us! 

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100 Humanitarians International is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit recognized by the IRS, and all donations to 100 Humanitarians International are tax-deductible in accordance with IRS regulations. EIN #82-1048388

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