Asante sana for being willing to partner with Humanijam: A Celebration of Humanity! 

While the events of 2020 have determined that we need to have Humanijam be a virtual event this year, we are grateful for the opportunity to reach a wider audience. 

Humanijam: A Celebration of Humanity, is our signature event every year, typically maxing out at around 250 people. We have sold out for the past two years, and are excited to see how we can expand when the event is online. 

The purpose of Humanijam: A Celebration of Humanity, is music, storytelling that creates inspiration and connection, and an opportunity to bring awareness to what 100 Humanitarians International is doing in Kenya to help families with economic development and self-reliance. 

This year, Humanijam: A Celebration of Humanity will celebrate our 5th anniversary as an organization!

Our vision is to host an online event with speakers and musicians from around the world. The speeches and performances will have a positive and inspiring story or message for our audience, and will be pre-recorded to accomodate timezones and internet connection.


In an effort to not only fundraise for the programs we are working on around the world, we would also like to help nonprofit organizations by having their members help us promote Humanijam: A Celebration of Humanity. The topics that our speakers and performers will address are:

How to eliminate global hunger at a grassroots level in families around the world.

How to celebrate and embrace diversity, and how to teach the next generation by our daily actions.

How we can be leaders in our own families and communites to create positive change.

Our goal is to bring families together online in a celebration that can take place anywhere in the world. 

Tickets are $25. 

As a nonprofit, your organization has the opportunity to sign up as an affiliate and get the links to promote. $5 from every ticket will go into your PayPal account to fundraise for your projects. You can sell as many tickets as you want! If you have a specific project that you want the funds to go to, we recommend sharing that with your audience. 

You will have a logo and link to your website on our website for Humanijam: A Celebration of Humanity. The link is

Ticket sales will open Monday, June 15th. 


We will provide the graphics, social media copy, and email copy for you to use while promoting Humanijam: A Celebration of Humanity.

1. We have an event on Facebook set up for you to promote. When someone goes to the event through your link, it will track them through buying a ticket, and the $5 will immediately go into your PayPal account.

2. You will also have a link to promote Humanijam: A Celebration of Humanity directly. The event website is Your link will redirect to that page for ticket sales.

3. We do ask that you use the funds to help a specific project that you are working on rather than administrative costs. We have the opportunity to promote this event to families all over the world!