Our Hygiene Programs have helped drive many of our objectives over the past 5 years. Whether we are fundraising for Days for Girls Kits, assembling Rescue Kits, hosting Sew-a-thons, or mentoring and training in Kenya, our goal is always to help with health in Kenya.


The Problem:

Women and girls in Kenya often don’t have access to feminine hygiene products, either because of the cost, or because they aren’t available in rural areas. When a girl begins menstruating and isn’t able to manage her period, her options are limited. If she is in school, she has to stay home during those days, getting further behind each month in her studies. As time goes on, she is usually forced to drop out of school, which puts her at risk for early marriage. Because of this, girls often exchange sex for pads, contributing to a very high pregnancy rate in rural communities. The alternative is to use any sort of fabric they can find – mattress stuffing, old clothing, and even leaves have been used. The illness that can come from this is horrendous.


How We Create Positive Change:

In August of 2015, our Women’s Director, Christine, attended Days for Girls University in Uganda, to learn how to sew reusable feminine hygiene kits. We helped raise the funds for her to go, so that we would be able to buy the kits from her to distribute in workshops for women and girls in Kenya. The kits can last from 3-4 years when properly taken care of. Not only does a girl receive a kit when she attends a workshop, but she also learns hygiene such as handwashing and how to watch for her menstruation cycle.

We helped fund a second sewing enterprise with Anita, our Regional Director in Bomet. When we buy kits from Christine or Anita and their teams, we are helping women and girls with their menstruation challenges, as well as providing an income for the people who work in their sewing centers.

How you can help:

We are looking for partners, both one time and monthly, who will donate to this project to help move it forward. For as little as $10, you can help a girl manage her period for up to 4 years. By becoming a monthly donor, you can help a new girl each month! 100% of your donation goes to the project you choose.

You can also join us on an expedition, where you can meet the families we are helping, experience the beautiful culture of Kenya, and go on an epic game drive in the #1 safari destination in the world!

Success Story:

Christine’s life IS the story we use to illustrate just how challenging it is for women and girls when they are unable to manage their periods. She started menstruating at an early age, and didn’t know what was happening to her. Because her parents weren’t willing to help her, she spent the days she was on her period sitting in a corn field in the heat. Ultimately, she was forced to drop out of school. She ended up in Nairobi as a young teenager, pregnant and selling herself in order to survive. She gave birth to her beautiful daughter when she was 14. Through a series of miracles, Christine had the opportunity to learn how to sew, which led her to learn about the Days for Girls program. Now, she has helped thousands of girls receive the education and support that she never did. 100 Humanitarians International has distributed over 6000 kits in Kenya to girls through Christine.

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