Our focus is

Stewardship + Sustainability

Everyone needs access to food, water, education, and health

Our Programs

Our four step Empowerment Program relies on stewardship.
We are not interested in hand-outs. We want to give families a hand up.
We join together with families to teach them the skills they need to bring themselves out of poverty.

Sustainable and Nutritious Food

We teach families to raise their own food

We always start with growing a garden. Our garden towers are designed to grow enough food to feed 5 people ongoing, using around 30-50 liters of water each week.

If a family shows stewardship over their gardens, we donate a Chicken Enterprise to help them start a business. They can raise chickens and sell eggs and meat.

When a family is ready to help mentor other families, they are able to earn a goat. They can breed the goat, and sell milk, creating a micro-farm.

This process takes 1-2 years, and raises the income level of the family above the poverty line.

Clean Water

We bring water closer to women

Women can spend up to 6 hours a day just walking and gathering water to sustain their families. The water they gather is shared with animals, and can cause diseases.

We help bring water closer to women in three ways.

Water tanks. A woman can capture rainwater with her iron sheet roof, reducing the amount of time she spends walking.

Spring Preservation. We build large tanks to separate spring water from animals, which helps clean up the water.

Boreholes. We drill boreholes deep into the earth to access water in locations that are safe from predators.

Education and Training

Learning new skills empower people

We sponsor students in school who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to go, because we believe that education is what changes and empower people.

We have built training centers to help men and women develop skills that will help them create income for their families. At the training centers, our teams mentor and coach families in business.

We have set up sewing centers, and provide job opportunities for women who sew our HopeKits and Garden Towers to be distributed in the communities we serve.


We give hope for women and girls in need

If a girl doesn’t have access to feminine hygiene products, she misses school once she starts her period. That means she is absent for up to a week each month, dropping behind in classes.

Often, girls are forced to exchange sex for pads, so that they have a way to take care of themselves, which creates increased disease, pregnancy, and dropping out of school.

Our HopeKit provides the tools that girls need to take care of their menstruation for up to 4 years. They provide dignity and support for girls, and change a generation.

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