Our 4 Pillars of Humanity Cheat sheets are below for you to download! 

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What can you do next? 

 Join an expedition – We go to Kenya four times a year and would love to talk with you about coming and serving with us

Join our Facebook Group – This is where we post updates on the projects so you know exactly where your donations are going

Become a 100 Humanitarians International Ambassador – When you become a monthly donor, you get perks, swag, and discounts to events!


I have been extremely blessed to have 100 Humanitarians introduced to me. I went on the March 2019 trip and was blown away at the service opportunities 100 H is providing to the good people of Kenya. I will continue to seek to participate and support 100 H in any way I can and look forward to the opportunity to return to Kenya and serve my friends and family again.

Allen R.