There are several ways to get involved! And you don’t have to sew.

Make an Impact!

Organize a sew-a-thon service project for your youth, church congregation, school, or homeschool!

Cutting Team

The first step for any of our sewing projects is to cut the fabric

There are three different sewing projects that 100 Humanitarians International works on locally, and all of them need help with cutting fabric.

The first is our garden towers. We purchase big rolls of the fabric that need to be cut into 7ft x 4 ft pieces to make the garden towers that will go all over the world.

The second is The HopeSaC Project. HopeSaCs are fabric thermal cookers, and a pattern is provided.

The third is The HopeKit Project, which includes cutting out a 3 piece underwear pattern out of stretch knit fabric.

Pinning Team

The second step is to pin the pattern

Pinning the patterns for the sewing team is the next step in our sew-a-thons. This is pretty easy once you know how to do it.

For the garden towers, you simply fold over the edges on the 4 ft side and pin them about 3 inches in.

For the HopeSaCs, you follow whatever Cindy tells you to do. She also has opportunities for cutting cords that go in the cookers.

For the HopeKits, you follow whatever Marissa tells you to do. There are multiple sizes of underwear that we take to Kenya, but we also just take the cut fabric to let our teams sew there.

Sewing Team

If you can sew, we need you!

Our sewing projects aren’t complicated, and each one can accommodate a range of sewing skills.

For the garden towers, you only need to be able to sew a straight line. We use nylon thread, so having a sewing machine with a needle that can handle thicker thread is key.

For the HopeSaCs, your skills need to be a little more advanced, but if you have experience with sewing, you’ll be fine!

For the HopeKits, a stretch or zigzag stitch is needed on your sewing machine, or if you have a serger, even better!

Hole Drilling Team

Because, who doesn’t like to drill holes?

The final step in making the garden towers is to drill the holes that are used to plant the seedlings. We have a specific technique that we teach, to maximize the holes in the fabric in the least amount of time.

If you have a cordless drill, we can recommend the drill bits to use, if you plan in being a part of our sewing team on a regular basis. Otherwise, once the fabric is sewn, you can deliver it back to us and our teams will drill the holes.

Either way is a HUGE help for getting these towers to families in need all over the world!

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