Garden Towers, HopeSaCs, and Books!

What is a Garden Tower?

The medium sized garden tower holds 80 plants, and is about 2 1/2 feet in diameter and 3 feet tall. It is perfect for smaller areas that still get a lot of sunlight on all sides. 

The best plants/starts for a medium tower are greens such as kale and other types of lettuce, green onions, herbs, and tomatoes can be grown on top with a cage.

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The small garden tower is about 18 inches wide and about 2 feet tall. It is perfect for strawberries, or in areas where there is very limited space. It can be easily moved around if needed. 

Herbs and greens grow well, and potatoes can be grown in a tower by themselves.

This is ideal for patio gardening, or if you want small herb gardens.

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My Maasai Name is Nemparnat

What is the power of 100 people working together on any project in the world to create positive change?

Heidi Totten had no idea what she was getting herself into when she succumbed to peer pressure and got on a plane to go to Kenya, Africa in March 2015. A series of small and life-altering experiences changed the trajectory of the rest of her life.

A few months later, on Sunday, July 12, 2015, she got out of the shower and heard a voice that said, “Go start a group on Facebook called 100 Humanitarians. I’ll let you know why.” Six years later, she has taken over 200 people to Kenya on several expeditions each year, and her organization has helped hundreds of families with economic development and self-reliance.

This book is her “How to be a humanitarian and create your Promise Legacy Project.” It includes some of her most personal spiritual experiences that kept her going back to Kenya when she wanted to give up. It’s a journey of extreme and radical faith, love, and friendship. And overcoming a crap ton of opposition that she mostly brought on myself. And a crap ton of miracles.

Her question to you is, “Do you want to go to Kenya?”