Mentoring Families: A Rice and Beans Miracle

Mentoring Families: A Rice and Beans Miracle

We want to share a miracle with you. 

It’s times like these that we get to see some of the intangible results of the work we have done in Kenya. When we realized that during this shutdown our ongoing projects were going to be shut down as well, we talked with our community directors about what we could do to help families who would otherwise be going without food during this time. 

In Kenya, markets have been closed for the past few weeks, and in rural communities where food is already a challenge, it becomes dangerous. Many families earn their money each day and then buy food for that day only. With children out of school, it puts an additional burden on families to feed their children every day as well. 

Our team came up with a plan to fundraise to purchase beans and rice for one meal a day for as many families as possible during this time. Our goal was to track every detail: number of family members, amount of food handed out, and how many meals that provided each family member each week. Based on our calculations, we would be able to help feed around 200 people each week across all of our communities. 

What happened has been very different. Our communities are reporting that they have been able to feed 30-35 families each, and a combined 600 people, including 424 children. We prayed for a loaves and fishes experience, and we got one.

Become an Ambassador

We want to thank each of you for your help with our projects in Kenya over the past five years. The challenges ahead in our communities are only more difficult now due to the COVID-19 virus. Girls still menstruate, children still need education, and families still need opportunities to create sustainable income. 

Because of this, we are creating our Ambassador Program. We need to focus on implementing and building our programs in communities, not dialing for dollars and fundraising events. 

When you become an Ambassador, you contribute $10, $20, or even $50 each month towards our projects. In order to support our Reusable Feminine Hygiene Kits ($10 each) and School Fees for 27 students ($Varied) we need to fundraise $2000/monthly. If everyone receiving this email donates $10/month, we would double that, and be able to expand our programs substantially. 

As we celebrate our 5th anniversary in 2020, we are truly grateful for all of the help and support. 100 Humanitarians International would not exist without you. 

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