The Giraffe Centre – Expedition #1 – Day Two

The Giraffe Centre – Expedition #1 – Day Two

Flying to Kenya, Africa with 100 Humanitarians
Maasai Warriors Greet Us at the Airport
Kissing a giraffe at The Giraffe Centre

Kenya, Africa – The Giraffe Centre & The Elephant Orphanage

Kenya, Africa – We woke up after a decent night of sleep to a lovely breakfast at our hotel, followed by an excursion to The Elephant Orphanage and The Giraffe Centre in Nairobi. Every team loves to kiss a giraffe and pet a baby elephant. Both organizations are to protect the animals, and there is a lot to learn there. At The Giraffe Centre, the guards give you pellets to feed the giraffes. If you put one in your mouth, the giraffe will “kiss” you and grab it right from your lips.

The Elephant Orphanage is only open to watch the baby elephants feed for about an hour, but The Giraffe Centre is open all day, and has a fabulous gift shop.

Our drive to Narok was looming, and so were the clouds. We loaded up the jeeps and hit the road, with a stop at the Escarpment that overlooks The Great Rift Valley. The views are breathtaking, and after an hour in the jeep, it’s a great place to make a pit stop before heading down to the valley floor.

This particular team had Bob, or “Uncle Bob” as my daughter loved to call him. He was the “Manny” of the trip, and kept her supplied with orange fanta as a reward for trying out the latrine pits without freaking out. He kept the rest of us entertained with constant stories and jokes and songs. On the way, we stopped to try some grilled corn, or maize as it is called here.

Verdict: Not awesome.

We arrived at our hotel in Narok, and were greeted by friends who would be spending some time with us and helping us with projects over the next few days. After getting checked in and assigned to our rooms, we gathered in the restaurant and assembled 100 Days for Girls kits with underwear and soap in preparation for our workshop the next day at Tasaru Rescue Center.

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