September 26 - October 6, 2024

Team Lead: Becky Mackintosh

If you're looking for a way to make a tangible difference in the lives of families, then joining us for a humanitarian expedition in Kenya is an excellent choice.

By contributing your time and talents, you can help families in need overcome some of their most significant challenges and thrive.

On each expedition, our team focuses on four areas. The projects that take place in these areas are determined by the team, once it is formed.

Garden towers provide a sustainable source of fresh produce, helping families to feed themselves and their communities.

Clean water is essential for good health and hygiene, yet many people in Kenya lack access to it. By supporting projects that bring clean water to these communities, you can help prevent illness and promote well-being.

Education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty and providing children with a brighter future. Your donation can support programs that provide education and vocational training, opening up new opportunities for young people. Finally, reusable feminine hygiene kits can help girls stay in school and participate fully in their communities, breaking down barriers to their success.

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Everywhere we stay in Kenya is safe and protected by guards 24/7. You will have your own bed, with shared accommodations. Meals are provided by trained chefs. Kokoo's Guest House was built by 100 Humanitarians International, and is managed by the Emparnat Cultural Centre. We have an on-site chef, housekeeper/server, and security guards. All bedding is provided and laundry services are available.

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Incredible Safari Guides

Moses has been with us since the beginning, and will be with you leading your expedition. He is a Maasai Warrior/Elder with a heart for humanitarian work. A leader in his community, he is passionate about creating change in the Maasai community while preserving and protecting the culture of the tribe.

You will have other safari guides and members of our team join you along the way. Our Community Directors and safari guides are there to make your experience amazing, and to educate you on the challenges that the Maasai face. They are happy to answer questions, and when you leave, they will feel like family.

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One of the things that makes us unique, is that we are riding in open air safari jeeps on our journey through Kenya. We sing, jeep dance, and take in the beautiful scenery as we go from destination to destination. If you have never jeeped through Africa, it's truly an incredible experience!

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All Excursions

Whether we are going to the Giraffe Centre, visiting a traditional Maasai village, or jeeping on safari, your excursions are included in the cost of the expedition.

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Not Included

✔️Flight plus required insurance (Typically flights run between $1000-1300 depending on when you get it)

✔️Entry visa for Kenya (You will apply for this online)

✔️Tips for drivers, chef, and housekeeping (these can be made in dollars)

✔️Soda/alcoholic drinks

✔️Any required covid tests (Currently none are required)


✔️Airport Meals during travel



$4250 + Flights, Insurance, and Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)


We provide tips to hotel staff in Nairobi.

You are responsible for tips for our drivers, the chef, and housekeeping. We recommend tipping in dollars for a better exchange rate.

As with any service, tipping is at your discretion.

Payment Schedule:

Because we are not a travel agency, we prefer each trip participant to pay in full via check, or use a credit card if you need to make payments. If you need to do a two payment plan, you can make arrangements with our accounting department.

Cancellation Policy:

If you cancel: The trip is non-refundable; we require trip insurance. Once funds are sent to Kenya, it's not possible to get them sent back to the U.S.


No vaccines are required to enter Kenya from the United States.

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