Join an Expedition and Experience the Maasai Culture

The Maasai Mara is the #1 safari destination in the world, and our expeditions are unlike anything you have imagined. Your journey will be led by Maasai Warriors, who are also trained safari guides and cultural ambassadors. 

Expedition Overview

Each expedition with 100 Humanitarians International is unique! You will spend 8 days and 7 nights on the ground in Kenya, combining humanitarian projects with families and tourist experiences from the Giraffe Centre in Nairobi to a majestic safari on the Maasai Mara. Each day you will wake up a little dirtier, and full of gratitude. A day in Kenya feels like a week!

We like to tell people that they will experience a year of personal development experience in one week. Your heart will be transformed, and all of your senses engaged. This is truly an immersion expedition.

Once you choose to join us, you will go through a complete training, with all of the details you will need to make this the experience of a lifetime. We run several trips to Kenya each year. 

Our expeditions start at $3000 plus flight (range of $1000 – 1500 depending on time of year), trip insurance (You can get it when you book your flight), and visa (apply online for $52.) We tell travelers to plan on between $4500 – 5000 depending on how much you choose to spend on souvenirs. Everything in country is included: accommodations, transportation, food, water, excursions, tips, and swag.

We do host a Facebook fundraiser as a team, to create awareness and raise funds for the projects that we choose to work on. With every trip, we try to host a reusable feminine hygiene workshop, sponsor a student in school, and provide water tanks and chickens for families to help with self-reliance.

Our itineraries change each expedition, based on the humanitarian projects that we choose to take on as a group. They can include garden boxes, water storage systems, training workshops, tree planting, and building homes for families. Many people return for another expedition because of the relationships that they develop with the families we serve.

Our objectives are always to help with projects that solve the following problems: sustainable food, clean water, hygiene, education, and empowerment.

We begin in The Mau Region of Kenya, in the beautiful highlands, where most travelers never venture. You will experience big cities, dusty and busy towns, lush and gorgeous mountain views, and then we head home to the Maasai Mara, where it is normal to see giraffes and zebras by the side of the road.

We hope to see you on an expedition soon!

Sample Trip 8 Day Itinerary

Days One and Two – Fly to Kenya and arrive in Nairobi

You will be greeted by our Maasai Warriors dressed in traditional shuka, ready to take you on the adventure of a lifetime. Typically teams will arrive late in the evening, and after gathering luggage, will head to a hotel in Nairobi. We take precautions to make sure that we stay in places that have security, and that are safe for our travelers. 

Day Three – Take a Tour of The Giraffe Centre

Have you ever wanted to kiss a giraffe? Well, today will be your opportunity! After a lovely breakfast with omelets made to order, we load up the jeeps and head to The Giraffe Centre, and preserve in the heart of Nairobi. You will have the chance to feed the giraffes, and learn about the efforts the centre is making to keep the giraffes from being endangered. 

After The Giraffe Centre, we will begin our journey to Maasailand, enjoying the incredible views of the Great Rift Valley. We will stop at the Escarpment for pictures, before winding our way down into the valley to our first project location. 


Day Four – Morning Game Drive – Cultural Immersion

Immerse yourself in the Maasai culture, and learn about how they live, their challenges, and the beauty of connection that they bring to the world, before heading out into the field to serve in the communities. Part of our mission is to help preserve the history and culture of indigenous tribes, and the Maasai are the oldest tribe in Kenya. Previously nomadic, they now live primarily in the Maasai Mara and Tanzania, but many still abide by their traditions. We will visit the Maasai market, which takes place on Mondays.

We will visit a traditional Maasai village, and you will have the opportunity to shop at the village market, where heavy negotiation takes place. Sharpen your bartering skills. They only take cash, so make sure you have some money exchanged.

As they have become more westernized, their culture is disappearing. Our goal by building the Emparnat Cultural Centre, is to help gather and preserve the stories of families that generations to come will be able to listen to and learn. Their history is now an oral history, passed down by the elders, and we hope to document as many stories as possible in the coming years.  

Day Five – Humanitarian Day – Bomet

Today we will take a road trip to visit the Kalenjin Tribe in Bomet, where we have worked with families since 2016. We will visit our training center, the sewing center that our Regional Director, Anita, manages a team of women and men sewing reusable feminine hygiene kits, and we will host a workshop and donate kits to 100 girls. We will also have the opportunity to visit families who have received Garden Tower Systems through our partnership with The USANA Foundation.

When the opportunity presents itself, our team will help with a spring preservation project, provide chicken enterprises for families with training, and bring donations of fabric, snaps, and other items needed for the sewing center.


Day Six – Full Day Game Drive

We wake up really early and head out on a Full Day Game Drive in the #1 safari destination in the world – the Maasai Mara! While our guides can’t guarantee what animals you will see, the safari never disappoints. Bring your cameras, binoculars, sunscreen, and your best animal manifesting skills!

Day Seven – Humanitarian Day – The Mara

The Maasai Mara is our home away from home, and the families we serve become our family. Today, we will spend time with families, helping to install water tanks, teaching skills, and building garden towers. We will visit a school and help provide trees for each student as part of the Grow with Your Tree program. If you have always wanted to learn beadwork, we will visit the women’s bead project, where you will have the opportunity to learn from Maasai women how they create their beautiful jewelry.

We also will help with projects at the Emparnat Cultural Centre. That can include helping with landscaping, building projects, and as we continue to grow, mentoring and literacy workshops.

Day Eight – Humanitarian Day – Nkareta and The Rescue Centre

We began working in Nkareta in 2017. Since then, we have built a training center, established an animal breeding program for cows, goats, and chickens, established a community garden, contributed to a school library, built water tanks for rainwater capture, and worked with over 100 families to provide gardens, chickens and goats to teach entrepreneurship.

At the Rescue Centre, we sponsor 6 girls in school These girls have run from Female Genital Mutilation and early marriage, and the facility seeks to work on reconciliation with the families, but providing a home for the girls in need. We provide reusable feminine hygiene kits, underwear, clothing, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and on some trips we try to bring crafts and projects for the girls to work on when they are on holiday.

If necessary, we have Covid tests so that we can receive the results via email in time for our flight out.

Day Nine – Travel Day back to Nairobi

It’s time to head back to Nairobi. We say goodbye to the Mara (often with tears) and drive back through the Great Rift Valley to The Galleria, where you will have time to do some last minute shopping before we head to the airport for our midnight flight home. The Galleria has a shopping area, and you can negotiate, and use your credit card.

We leave for the airport early, in order to get all checked in, and to say goodbye to our driving team so they can get back home.

Kokoo’s Guest House – Your Home Away From Home 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide training for the trip?

Yes, after you sign up for a trip, you will have a whole training portal to get you ready! Every detail is explained, including packing lists. You can also sign up here for pre-expedition information. 

What does the trip include/not include?


Most Meals (exceptions – airport meals and lunch/dinner our last day in Nairobi.)
All hotel tips
Safari Gate Fees
Giraffe Centre entrance fees
Drinking water

Doesn’t Include: 

Flight (ranges usually from $1000 – 1500)
Insurance (cost is based on your age)
Visa fee ($52 online)
Snacks (bring with us)
Two Covid Tests – one going and one returning as of now.

Will I be eaten by a lion on safari?


Are shots required?

Not at this time. We do suggest either malaria medicine, or natural remedies, but that is for you to decide with your doctor. 

How long is the flight? 

That depends on the flight path. Typically around 24 hours through Europe. 

Where do we stay? 

We stay at hotels and Kokoo’s Guest House at the Emparnat Cultural Centre. All locations have 24 hour gated security. Meals are provided by chefs at each location. 

What types of projects have been done on trips?

Building garden towers for families

Building spring preservation systems

Hosting workshops to distribute reusable feminine hygiene kits

Distributing hygiene kits, including toothpaste and toothbrushes

Donating chickens and roosters to families

Donating goats to families

Donating cows to families

Teaching sewing skills

Building training centers

Installing rainwater capture systems for families

Building desks for schools

Establishing libraries for schools

Planting thousands of trees

Leadership training

Building a guest house for our teams


Past Expeditions


My husband and I went to Kenya with 100 Humanitarians this year and we are amazed at the way they served the people of Bomet and the Masai Mara. We not only built garden boxes but taught the people how to do so to become self sufficient. We also took part in building a training/mentoring center next to the sewing center. We set up a water project on the Mara. We taught and mentored the young men and young women students in a secondary school and at a girls shelter leaving many “Days for Girls” kits so the young girls can stay in school during their time of the month and continue their education. Definitely a worthy cause. All proceeds we donated went to the people we served and projects we worked on. I would totally go again! A life changing experience!

Pamela A.

Truly Amazing!!
I was so very blessed to have the opportunity to go to Kenya with them earlier this year and was truly humbled not only by Heidi and the entire organization but by the amazing people in Kenya!! Thank you David and Moses and the group I was able to serve with!! All those involved and the volunteers for each expedition are amazing and bring life changing experiences to all involved.

I have some health issues and was worried about slowing them down and didn’t want to be a burden but was told that I was not to worry about it and that they would love to have me on their team. Although, I am sure that they served me more than I served them I am grateful for the opportunity I was given to go, serve and bless those around me! Thank you all for the amazing opportunity and yes…. can’t wait to go again!

I love serving as a volunteer and would love to serve on their board someday as they are truly making a difference in the world.

Lori M.

I’ve fallen in love with the work we do in Kenya. On both trips of which I’ve been a part, I’ve witnessed the pure love of spirit touching spirit. When we donated a cow to one lady, the entire village came out to greet us with a song of thanks that we could hear a quarter mile away. You can’t imagine what an incredibly life-altering experience that is! On the other trip, we built fences for garden areas to keep out livestock (think chickens and goats) and let the plants thrive. And thrive they did!

Oh yes … and safari. Never a bad thing. 🙂

Please, won’t you join us?

Chris M.

I took my family to work with this incredible organization just a couple weeks ago. Their connection with the community, their ability to have everyone actively participate, the culture…. everything was incredible. I worked hard, saw incredible sights, cried and built new friendships. My daughter’s (ages 8 and almost 10) were inspired and loved the experience as much as I did. We plan on volunteering next year as well.

Lynn M.

I went to Kenya with 100 Humanitarians just a few weeks ago and took my 11 year old daughter. Not only did it give her confidence I have not seen in her in years, but she made lifelong friends and saw what it was really like to serve and make an impact. It will be the first of many trips for me becuase of the impact these beautiful people have had on me and the impact and relationship I want to continue to have with them. There is such much good that this organization is doing. On our trip we did projects in Bomet painting a learning center and planting trees along side the local people. We visited a Girls Rescue Center, and taught them how to make their own underwear from used tshirts. We went to a school and taught and gave out Days for Girls kits and played with the children. We went to the Maasai village and spent time learning from their culture and building relationships and playing with the children. We built a fence for Mama Helen and saw how beautifully she improved on the gardens she was given weeks before. We built several tower gardens, planted more trees, and threw seed balls to establish more families, schools, and organizations.
You go to Kenya to serve, and you leave Kenya with pieces of your heart left behind and a new outlook on life and the things that really matter. I can’t wait to go again!

Jentrey P.