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We could not do this without the support of our partners!

The USANA Foundation

Sustainable Food

We began our partnership with The USANA Foundation in 2019 when they funded a pilot project to sponsor 200 families with garden towers and water tanks.

It was hugely successful, giving us the stats that a family can eat 3-5 meals of vegetables each week, plus sell the extra vegetables to provide additional food needed.

In April 2021, Brian Paul, President of The USANA Foundation, joined us on an expedition in Kenya to see the success of our partnership.

Since then, we have worked together to impact over 3700 families with the Garden Tower project. The USANA Foundation is taking Garden Towers all over the world.


Clean Water 

We met the team from WhoLives in 2016, before we really had any idea what we were doing. Then, in 2022 we met with them again, and they took garden towers on their expedition to Kenya in July. 

When they returned, we created a partnership that led to our Sponsor a Community program. Joining forces, we will provide garden towers, and WhoLives will drill the boreholes, to bring sustainable food and clean water to communities in several African countries. 

We are so excited for the possibilities that this partnership will create for families. 

Mended Light

Clean Water and Mental Health

Alicia Decker joined us in August 2021 and November 2022 on an expedition to Kenya. She is the CEO of Mended Light, a therapy clinic that she runs with her husband, Jonathan Decker, LMFT. 

They began funding spring preservation projects and contributed to drilling water boreholes after seeing the impact it could make on the health and wellness for families. 

As we grow our Health pillar, we will partner with Mended Light in bringing training that will help empower women in healing from trauma, to change the generational abuse that has wreaked havoc on families around the world.

Saprea – Pilot

Education and Mental Health

In the Fall of 2022, we met with The Saprea Foundation to discuss an opportunity to bring resources to Kenya that will help communities heal from child sexual trauma. 

On our November 2022 expedition, we introduced the Saprea training to our Community Directors, with a goal of creating cultural adaptations that will be accepted in Kenya. 

Our U.S. teams will be trained in the Saprea Volunteer Community Educator program, and be able to help provide training both locally and internationally to families who need support. 

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