689 million people live on less than $1.90 per day.

You can be the person who changes that.

The 4 Problems of Poverty

“What are the biggest challenges that families living in extreme poverty face?”

The answer isn’t simple, but after working in Kenya for the past 7 years with over 800 families, we’ve identified four areas that contribute to the extreme poverty that has plagued families for generations.

Sustainable Food

When a family is struggling with how to eat, nothing else matters. Day after day, their thoughts are consumed by the same fear. How will I feed my children? 

Clean Water

Women in extreme poverty can walk an average of 6 hours every single day to access water…and it’s not even clean water. They are at risk of disease.


Education is everything in Kenya. It is THE Path out of Poverty for the next generation. If a family is living on less than $2 a day, how will they send their kids to school?


When a girl begins menstruating and doesn’t have access to pads, she misses school. As a result, many girls exchange pads for sex. This should never happen.

100% of your donation goes to projects that help families out of poverty

The 4 Step Path Out of Poverty

After identifying the problems that families were facing, we created a 4 step path out of poverty.
We reached out to donors, sponsors and partners who want to help with solving these problems, too.

These problems will not be solved by one organization. It will take ALL of us.

1. Identify a Family

First, our Community Directors in Kenya work with local leadership in villages to identify the families that need the most help to get out of poverty.

2. Clarify their Needs

Second, we do family assessments to determine what their current biggest challenges are for food, water, education, and hygiene. 

3. Create their Path

Third, our Community Directors submit their recommendations to our team for the best path that will help the family with the tools, resources, and mentoring they need.

4. Magnify the Impact

Finally, we teach stewardship and the “Pay it Forward” concept, developing our families into leaders who will help mentor other families in their community. 

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4 Ways to Help

As we grew, people asked how they could get involved.
We created opportunities to serve, and began taking people with us to Kenya.

Together, we are working to Magnify YOUR Impact! 


Whether you become a monthly donor, or make a one-time contribution, every dollar makes a difference in the impact that we can make. 


We have monthly volunteer opportunities to help us with sewing projects – Garden Towers, HopeKits, and HopeSaCs. 

Join an Expedition

Several times a year, we run expeditions to Kenya, where you have the opportunity to serve in our communities, and go on an incredible safari on the Maasai Mara. Sign up below for info.

Create a Fundraiser

Who are YOUR 100 people who want to help make an impact? Create a fundraising team, and win beautiful items from our communities in Kenya! 

Do You Want to Go to Kenya?

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