Can you cut, pin, or sew? We need you!

There are many ways to help 100 Humanitarians International, and one of the biggest is to come to a sew-a-thon!

No actual sewing skills necessary.

Garden Towers

T-shirt Underwear


The Details

Garden Towers

Garden Towers are going all over the world with The USANA Foundation, and we are helping to make them, and reach as many families as possible. While we work to set up sewing centers in country, we offer opportunities for youth groups, women's groups, corporate service projects, and even families, to join in on the fun.

You can join one of our pre-scheduled sew-a-thons, or organize your own! It can be one time, or you can make it an ongoing project for you while you binge-watch TV.

T-shirt Underwear

Several years ago our Programs Director, Marissa Waldrop, created a 3 piece underwear pattern that doesn't require elastic. We have sewn hundreds of them since then, and they have been distributed to girls in Kenya to help support our hygiene centered HopeKits.

The underwear can be made out of recycled cotton t-shirts, so it helps with recycling, too. We just ask that the t-shirts be a pretty fabric. These are girls, after all! The pattern can be purchased at

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Come To The YouTube Ads Incubator

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  • We won't sell your email or spam you.

  • There are no obligations. We just need the help!

  • You are not required to donate financially.

  • We can teach you every step.

  • It takes about 15 minutes to cut, pin, sew, and drill the holes in one large garden tower.

  • The more teams we have at a sew-a-thon, the more garden towers we can make.

  • Garden Towers are the best sustainable method we have found for families to grow their own food.

  • Each garden tower can feed a family of 5 up to 1300 meals of fresh vegetables each year.

  • Families can sell the extra vegetables to pay for additional food, or school fees for their children.

100 Humanitarians International is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit recognized by the IRS, and all donations to 100 Humanitarians International are tax-deductible in accordance with IRS regulations. EIN #82-1048388

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