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All of our projects focus on helping families achieve self-reliance. We are in this to change the next generation and teach them skills that will allow them to choose a better life.

Sustainable Food

We begin with a Garden Tower to teach a family how to grow their own food. This program teaches some powerful concepts, and gets a family started on the path out of poverty.

Each Garden Tower can provide 5 people fresh vegetables daily, because we plant kale, spinach, collards, and other local greens that regenerate throughout the year. Families are taught how to take care of their Garden Towers, so that they generate the most produce. They are able to add vegetables like onions and tomatoes as they learn how the Garden Towers work.

When a family shows stewardship over their Garden Tower, they are eligible to apply for a Chicken Enterprise, which includes a rooster and 5 egg-laying chickens. The family is taught how to breed and raise chickens, sell eggs, and use the income to rise above the $1.90/day poverty line.

Our Community Directors work with local village chiefs to determine which families are in most need, and we track the name, number of children, location, and biggest challenges for every family who receives a Garden Tower.

Please consider donating a Garden Tower today for just $20.

Clean Water

There is no way to end poverty without addressing the huge water challenges that are faced in developing countries, including Kenya.

Women spend up to 6 hours a day walking to gather water, which not only takes up a substantial amount of time, but it also puts them at risk of being attacked by animals and rape. They are also gathering from contaminated rivers and streams, and water-born illnesses are constant in their communities.

Bringing clean water to communities can be challenging and expensive. We approach the challenge in three ways: rainwater capture, spring protection, and drilling boreholes in collaboration with WHOLives.

When a family has access to clean water, everything changes for them. They are able to grow their own food, improve their health, and save huge amounts of time that can be spent on starting businesses to support them.

Please consider donating today to our water projects!


One of the biggest challenges that families face in Kenya, is how they will pay the required school fees for their children to go to school.

For elementary school, the fees can be anywhere from $30-150+ per year, per child. They also need uniforms and supplies that can add an additional $100+ per child.

For high school, the costs increase to $300-$1000 per year plus supplies. When a family is living on less than $1.90/day, paying for their children to attend school is next to impossible without sponsorship.

We began sponsoring students in 2015. When we sponsor a student, we commit to their four years of high school. At this time, we are no longer sponsoring elementary school students, because of the time commitment.

Students are chosen based on the needs of the family, and our belief that they can be successful. Several of our graduates currently work for 100 Humanitarians on our Garden Tower teams and expeditions!

We do not have donors sponsor individual students, but contribute to an education fund, so that we can stay consistent in our sponsorship.

Please considering donating today to our Education fund!


When a girl begins menstruating and doesn't have access to sanitary towels, several things can happen. She misses school during those days, which can lead to her dropping out of school and continuing the cycle of poverty. She can also be put in a vulnerable situation where she exchanges sex for money to buy pads, putting her at risk for teen pregnancy.

Joining in the movement to help girls and women have access to menstrual hygiene, our team created the HopeKit, which includes reusable pads made from fabric, underwear, and the 100 Humanitarians Reproductive and Mental Health Training Program.

We work with families in our communities to distribute the HopeKits, tracking where they go, and getting feedback.

Our Health Program also includes the HopeSaC, which is a fabric thermal cooker that retains heat and allows women to reduce the amount of time they spend cooking over a smoky fire each day.

Finally, we have partnered with Mend Your Light and the Saprea Foundation to bring training to help women and girls heal from trauma and sexual abuse. Our goal is to bring the resources that will serve the families and strengthen their communities.

Please consider donating to our Health Program today!

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