Expedition Liability Waiver

When you join 100 Humanitarians International on an expedition, you will be expected to sign our Liability Waiver. If you are unable to agree to the conditions below, we are unable to accommodate you on one of our trips.



For humanitarian expedition to Kenya on behalf of the trip participant.

The undersigned, on behalf of himself/herself and his/her children, wards, estate, heirs, executors, and assigns in consideration for being allowed to participate
in the above-cited expedition, hereby willingly, knowingly, and voluntarily accepts and assumes all risks and responsibilities described below, and
releases 100 Humanitarians International . By placing my deposit with 100 Humanitarians International (“100 H”), I further agree to abide by any rules, regulations, and/or instructions (verbal or written) given with respect to the expedition.

Responsibilities Medical/Safety Considerations  

1.  I agree that the scheduled trip to Kenya with 100 H will include air travel and various related activities that are dangerous and hazardous, both in obvious
and unforeseen potential hazards and risks connected therewith. The activities will include participation in a safari, which could result in potential injuries and/or bodily harm due to unpredictable animal behavior, uneven, difficult terrain, vehicle breakdowns, and unpredictable weather. As part of the humanitarian efforts involved in this trip, I may also participate in gardening, construction, and other related service projects for the local communities and families which may result in contact with and exposure to soil or other components of the local ecosystem that could potentially contain germs, bacteria, or be otherwise contaminated. I acknowledge and agree that the nature of travel to Kenya presents the possibility of contracting diseases and other illnesses common to that region of the world, including but not limited to malaria and/or other diseases. I understand and agree to make every effort myself to reduce and minimize the associated risks, including drinking only bottled water or soda, eating cooked foods or packaged food, and remaining with other trip members. I understand that 100 H will make every effort to reduce and minimize risks by securing the safest hotel and transportation accommodations possible. By signing this Agreement, I acknowledge that I voluntarily and willingly agree to engage in this travel with full knowledge and disclosure of the inherent hazards and risks connected therewith, including in a worst case scenario a result in serious bodily injury and/or death.

2.   I declare that I am in good physical condition. I understand that the expedition may involve strenuous physical activity, including, but not limited to, long
walks and hiking, participation in service projects, and riding in jeeps over uneven terrain. If I or any member of my family have any medical or psychological conditions that may affect my/our ability to travel, I will advise 100 H of such condition well before departure so that they can make extra arrangements if necessary. I agree that trip leaders have the right to disqualify anyone at any time during the trip if they feel the trip member is mentally or physically incapable of continuing and/or if a trip member’s continued participation would jeopardize the safety of that member or a member of the group. I agree that under such circumstances, refunds will not be provided.

3.    I agree that 100 H and its independent contractors, including but not limited to the Emparnat Cultural Center, Emparnat Safaris, and other safari companies,
hotels, and lodges, are not medical facilities and therefore maintain no responsibility regarding medical advice, medications or inoculations that I or my
doctor deem necessary for your safe participation. I agree that hospital facilities in Kenya for serious problems are often unavailable, and evacuation
can be prolonged, difficult, and expensive. 100 H and its independent contractors assume no liability regarding provision for medical care. By signing this Release of Liability and Assumption of Risk Agreement (“Agreement”), I agree to pay for emergency evacuation and medical care.

4.    The World Health Organization has declared the novel coronavirus known as Covid-19 a pandemic. Covid-19 is believed to be spread by person-to-person contact, which includes touching a surface that has been contaminated by an infected person. By signing this Agreement, I acknowledge that someone on my tour could have Covid-19 but not show symptoms. I further acknowledge that government and health agencies recommend social distancing and have in many locations
prohibited the congregation of large groups of people. I agree that 100 H and its contractors cannot guarantee that I or any minor in my custody or care will
not become infected with Covid-19 or some other virus or illness. I acknowledge that participating in activities offered by 100 H or using any of its equipment
or property may expose or infect me or other persons in my custody or care. I understand that the risks relating to Covid-19, including contracting the virus, are inherent in the trip, and agree to assume those risks. I further agree to abide by the laws and/or policies of the airlines on which I travel, the airports through which I travel, and the countries in which I travel.

Trip Obligations  

1.    I acknowledge that 100 H is a humanitarian organization with a national and international reputation for its humanitarian work and for the integrity and
behavior of its officers, directors, and members. I agree that while I am on a 100 H expedition, I am representing the organization and have an obligation to
preserve and protect its reputation and good will and that of its independent contractors and other trip members. As such, I agree to the following obligations:

a.    I will read and understand the conditions expressed and implied in the description of the trip.

b.    I will prepare for the trip by familiarizing myself with the trip itinerary and preparation materials provided by 100 H.

c.    I acknowledge that the native people I will meet in Kenya dress modestly and appreciate visitors doing the same. I therefore agree to bring appropriate gear
and clothing as advised by 100 H, and agree NOT to wear tank tops, short shorts, low-cut or see-through apparel that would attract inappropriate attention to myself or the other members of the trip.

d.   I acknowledge that the use and/or consumption of alcohol, tobacco, and all illicit drugs and/or street drugs is strictly prohibited while on the expedition.

e.   I agree to assume full and complete responsibility for obtaining all necessary physical examinations, vaccinations, passports, visas, or other documents relating to entry requirements for each destination, along with all safety or security conditions at those destinations.

f.    I agree to follow considerate standards of personal hygiene in order to reduce risk of contracting diseases.

g.   I agree to follow considerate social behavior with other trip participants.

h.   I agree to act in an appropriate and courteous manner befitting the customs ofKenya.

i.     I agree to use environmentally safe products and stay on established routes of travel with the group.

j.     I agree to at all times follow the counsel of 100 H and its contractors counsel with respect to safety.


I acknowledge that 100 H has to deploy funds in advance for hotel accommodations, restaurants, other foods, water, tourist fees, expedition transportation bookings, and Kenyan staff, which fees will vary by trip itinerary and duration. Expedition funds do NOT go towards fundraising for projects. I understand that if I decide to cancel my trip, the following conditions apply to deposits and additional fees:

a.   I agree that deposits are non-refundable. If I cancel before the final payment is made, no additional fees are due. If I cancel after the final payment is made, I
will need to contact the insurance company for a refund.

b.   I agree that no refunds of additional funds will be made for cancellations within 30 days of departure.

c.   I agree that travel insurance is required to travel with 100 H. within two weeks of booking my trip, and that if I have to cancel my trip because of illness, injury, or death to me or an immediate family member, this insurance will protect all my deposits and payments for both air and trip costs. 100 H will not be liable for reimbursement of any such costs due to my failure to obtain trip insurance.

d.   I agree that 100 H reserves the right to cancel all or a portion of a trip for force majeure or any other circumstances beyond its control. In the event of
such cancellation, full or partial refunds, if any, will be at 100 H’s sole discretion. 100 H also reserves the right to cancel any trip if sign-ups are inadequate to make the trip economically feasible to operate, and in this event, will give a refund limited to previously undeployed funds for trip expenses.

e.   I agree that trip prices are quoted as a package, and that 100 H does not give refunds for unused hotel rooms, meals, safaris, or other amenities. Credits are
not given for services not used.


100 Humanitarians International is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit recognized by the IRS, and all donations to 100 Humanitarians International are tax-deductible in accordance with IRS regulations. EIN #82-1048388

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